Getting closer to mocking up and fitting the QA1 front suspension components for or 1992 Fox Body, we wanted to take a few moments to clean up its stall in the garage to clean up a lot of the rust scale that had fallen on the garage floor from when we removed the four lower plates on the underside of the car that were riveted into place from the factory to add structural support for the car in an effort to make way for the subframe connectors. Currently we have left the steel "L" shaped bars that are riveted to the pinch welds, we may remove them buy have not fully decided. We will also be cleaning up the floor in the rear near the spare tire well and the passenger rear frame rail. Once all of that is removed and protected with rust inhibitor we will get it over to the body shop for paint of engine bay and underside. 

With the car out side of the garage catching some rays, we wanted to take a moment to test fit the Mishimoto Performance Radiator to help us keep cool.

We must say it is an impressive piece and looks well. Check out the pictures below of some more shots of the radiator.

- Here is a view from the inside of the engine bay looking at the Radiator.

Check out our next edition of "The Story Behind the Stang" where we check in and get some of the updates on the Garage Built Mustang known as The Weekend Cruiser.


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