Now to fill you in on the power plant. We have gone back and forth on the idea of which way to go with our swap. Since this car is originally a 2.3L 4-cylinder car, we had considered heavily on taking that route by going with the new 2.3L EcoBoost engine, but with so many parts being available that are off the shelf items for other years of Mustangs, it makes the most sense to go with the "Swap of Greatness" by doing a 5.0L Coyote Swap. We acquired our Coyote engine used via our local Ford Dealer and started laying out our plan as to how we want to take the build. So here it is, we are going to keep the car looking stock per say. The body on this car is in almost excellent condition. The paint is barely faded and when washed and waxed looks amazing. The rear will need an upgrade to handle the added power as will the transmission, the poor t-5 that we have just won't cut the mustard. We have started with removing the existing engine from the engine bay and all of the unwanted items that we will not use. In addition to that we removed all of the engine bay harnesses and clips as well as the wiper motor so we could prep the engine bay for some replacement front inner fender panels purchased from the kind folks at Scott Rod Fabrication who know how to make quality parts. We did remove the front bumper cover, front fenders and hood so once the front inner fender panels are welded in and completely installed, the engine bay will be completely repainted to a bright factory finish thanks to the team at Karl Malone's Body & Paint. Check out some of the pictures below to see the progress of the bodywork.

So our "Project '92 Vert" is well underway. A few weeks ago we dropped it off at one of the local collisions centers Karl Malone's Body & Paint, to aid us with installation of the Scott Rod Fabrication front inner fender aprons. They have been great and #LaifEkberg has been very nice to work with. Once complete we will bring our Vert back to our home garage and get ready for the test fit installation of the Coyote engine and the awesome products that we've got in store from the team at Mishimoto Automotive. Thanks to everyone for following us and showing your support.

We were also informed of a small bend fixed on the passenger side frame rail that has been repaired to industry standards and also the seam sealer as well as some filler was laid down. Big thanks to the team Karl Malone's Body & Paint for your help on this project.

We also have been working on a lot of the rust scale that was on the car. Doing a little grinding with some wire wheels and then sealing with a rust inhibitor from Loctite. 

Here are some pics below of the rust that has been sealed and the front inner fenderlanels were also primed.

With the engine bay prepped and ready for final sanding and painting we moved over to the underside of the car. We have decided to complete removal of all remaining items like fuel and brake lines as well as any loose hardware and any rust as well. We will be finishing the underside of project as well with some sound deadening material.

With the last piece being the fuel line we can now sand the bottom of the car and prep if for the sound deadening material and undercoating.

Check out our next edition of "The Story Behind the Stang" where we check in and get some of the updates on the Garage Built Mustang known as The Weekend Cruiser.


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